Venue : Ebisu Shabu 6pm onwards

Again, a nice gathering among Chem Eng friends. A total of 7 friends joined, including Art, Tui, Ta, me, Art, Tom and Wish.

Conversation topics covers from updates of each other, projects, topics of interest e.g. renew energy, society and politics.


·         Art still works at Mitrpol, single.

·         Tui running his own company.

·         Ta has been working at Bangchak for the past 7 years dealing with crude oil trades

·         Art is planning to get married with his engineering girlfriend

·         Tom still works at RSB.

·         Wish runs his own ranch at Kao Yai.


The group decided to meet again 1 week after the election, July 10, 2011 at Oishi opposite to the old แดนเนรมิต

Videos from the event (comment ได้)