My answer would be of course, however, you have a least a couple of this behavior listed

          Internet savvy :  spending most of your time on the net. Things like updating status, checking out what and where friends are, check emails, online trading and chilling out at recommended bars are the among the things you do daily.

          On the go : confortable with being mobile and always on the go.

          Techorati type : always happy to learn and discuss new widgets or web apps.

          Always connected : either HiSpeed ADSL, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Edge, GPRS.

So if you find yourself in the above list, then go for it.

However, a tip, beware that you’ll be totally doomed if your internet is cut or the cloud service somehow died, since all of your files and information are on the cloud. Lately, an disturbed outage of the cloud effected millions of users on blogger. (ZDNET) Also, your stored files could be hacked and intercepted as this was just disclosed on the popular service offered by dropbox. (WIRED)