I’ve been a regular user of Google Calc sync for a long time. It allows you to sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You’ll be able to determine the direction of information flow, as well as the sync frequency.

However, one of the problems the user community has found very annoying is that every time it syncs, it asks to select the outlook profile, even after selecting the default checkbox, making it not really “background and automated”, leaving the profile box open until someone manually clicks on it.

The user community has tried several ways to work around this issue as Google doesn’t seem to come out with a fix, until today one of the users suggested trying MobileMe from Apple. Here’s the instruction suggested.

“Install MobileMe (free Apple syncing software).  You can download MobileMe from softpedia without signing up.  You don’t need to configure anything or even run it after installing MobileMe (I installed MobileMe Control Panel 1.6.3)

After installing MobileMe, I no longer get the “choose profile” window when I sync and Outlook 2010 is closed.

Both of my computers (Win 7 64 bit with Outlook 2010; Win XP 32 bit with Outlook 2010) had this same issue, and after installing MobileMe, they both are syncing flawlessly between Google Calendar and Outlook 2010.”


Without hesitation, I tested the solution and it works! Until Google comes out with a fixed release for this issue, this would do the job. Try it out for yourself.