After I had created the new ID, all logins is changed to the new ID immediately. This was good, until I tried exploring under Inbox > Options > Rename your email address and created something silly.. Disaster arrived!

I had to sign in to my accounting using the silly New ID, spent hours trying to find how to change it back to either my previous or account. Credit to

Thanks to the team that posted the solution to this

“If you renamed your account, and want to rename it back to the original name, you can do that. IMPORTANT: This may not work if you are outside of the US and have a “” or “” address!

First, remove the alias that was created when you renamed your account (the alias will be for the original name). Go to, select “Notifications” then “manage your email preferences” and you’ll find links to remove aliases.

Second, go back to the Rename page, and rename back to the original name.”


Tried and successfully got the account sign-in back again. Thanks!