Today after spending time with the team explaining the working methodology and approach on a new project, I had a chance to have lunch with my old Malaysian mate, Mr. Wong. Apart from the usual catching up on how things are with our business lives, we discussed on several intellectual topics that is completely out of our territory, one of the topics was regarding “things that you see but choose not to talk about”, this coincidentally was one of my concerns in the past couple of months ago regarding the PTTGC oil spill near Samed Island and their mitigation plans, what could have been done and what was neglected.

The thing is, often, we have been mis-lead by the media to think and talk for example, rather than focusing on one corrupted, exiled ex-prime minister, shouldn’t we focus on other various corrupted cases that is currently happening in the society? Or perhaps instead of fighting how that single piece of cake should be split vs how to get more cakes and treats on the plate in order to lower the splitting conflict?

Believing that is a more challenging that to the fact that the later topic is harder to imagine and solve, the media then just picks up the easy pieces and throws that into the public. And this just happens everywhere too, not just in Thailand e.g. the leaking of more than 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium from Fukushima have gotten into the Pacific Ocean? It’s up to you to decide, what to talk about.


Mr. Wong has also published regarding his point of view here.