We boarded a train from Bangkok’s Bangkhen district to Samsen’s Kamphaeng Phet 5 Road, where the Democrat Party-led demonstrations against the blanket amnesty bill took place. Joined with our family were two of my father’s friend who never had experienced this before in their life. They weren’t sure that the Yingluck administration would use the Act of Security allowing forces to eliminate the protest with violence, but after seeing the situation themselves, they felt safe, one even had a massage during listening to the high park.

My parents were veteran of numerous anti-Thaksin protests since the early days of the now-defunct yellow-shirt People’s Alliance for Democracy.

He told me that this bill shows that democracy has been totally ripped allowing those who gave “orders to kill”, corrupted (tangible and intangible) and involved in crimes (burning down town hall) related to the conflicts to be bailed out freely as if nothing had happen.

This sets a bad example to our children that doing wrong is acceptable, no need to fear as things are be reset – a terrible illogical way of thinking.

I urge for those who can’t join the protest to join the petition here.