One of the ironic things about building a corporate performance management (CPM) system is that the frequency of the report provides different decision aspects; for example; daily reports provide mainly point performance vs. monthly reports which offers overall performance.

Very often, we find that management loses their focuses on key performance measurement due to the frequency of the reports he manages e.g. instead of looking at overall performance, one tends to look at point performance. Enabling company growth isn’t possible if the strategic goals are not given and repetitively clarified, a daily report is history once the day has past, but performance counts and provides a tracked record of achievements.

Also, weather it’s a multi-national company, or a simply a spin-off establishment, the complexity and effort put into establishing concrete DW/BI foundations are pretty much the same, the differences are the resources and clarity of where small businesses can’t afford to loose, hence running a 12 man-months project with 1 man would require 12 months vs. 4 men within 3 months excluding business changes, economic pressure and opportunity lost.

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