Notes worth remembering for Indonesia

  • Use bluebird taxi, as they go by meter and they are pretty new – can be found everywhere in the city, meter starts at 7,000 IDR
  • Airport tax is 150,000 IDR/person. (should have been included in air fare when booking)
  • Car free day held every Sunday on Thamarin road, an event worth joining with people jogging and cycling around Salamat Datang monument.
  • People tend to carry more than one mobile phone, I’ve seen up to 4-5 devices with an average of 2-3 devices/person.
  • Most coffee (kopi) and fast food shops open 24 hours e.g. McDonald, Burger King and Starbucks offering free wifi.
  • Driving is an art, every spot on the road is taken advantaged yet you could be stuck in traffic up to an hour easily, don’t worry, there’s a variety of food and drinks sold by street vendors who can just come to your car window.
  • Side street food vendors price starts around 13k-15k IDR per dish. Port is expensive, chicken is the main meat source.
  • Toilets are far better than Malaysia, with toilet water facets likely found in Japan, clean and dry.
  • If you should try Padang food restaurants, they charge only what you eat, so might be a good idea not to eat all the dishes they serve you, pick only the ones you want.
  • Ice is no sold separately in 7-11,  goes by the glass – 6,000 IDR/glass

ddIndo May2014