I recently joined a seminar held by UTCC under the topic “Business is a Game, Play to Win”. Apart from the interesting ideas shared by the speakers, one of the things I notice that was sort of different was how they present their “presentations”.

In most of my technical years, presentations are loaded with context, notes and formulas (cited reference) which is useful if we want to re-search or find out more about it later. However, for the slides given here were 96% loaded with pictures! With less than 5 words per slides, the one shown in this blog was perhaps one that contains the most words.


Surprisingly, the audience’s interactive was so good that I decided to stay the whole session and gave a presentation at the end of the workshop.

Take home message:

  • Every good marketing comes with a story, combine them with your product, customer segment and marketing strategy.
  • Digital marketing – 5 seconds penetration