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Referring to the blog about Recycling Campaign posted earlier, I’ve received updates about the activities done and results from Dr. Sujitra Vassanadumrongdee,   researcher at The Center of Excellence for Environmental and Hazardous Waste Management, Chulalongkorn University this morning.

Over the  period of the project (1 year), a total of 1,769 devices and 2,063 pieces of accessories (chargers and batteries) were collected. With promise to donate 2 US Dollars for every phone drop, Nokia and TES-AMM jointly contributed a donation of 110,000 Thai baht (about US$3,600) to support the university’s environmental fund. All collected phones were sent to TES-AMM for proper recycling. Coincidentally when looking the pictures, the TES-AMM personals running the campaign, Mr Luc Scholte van Mast and  Mr. Thawal Saengsawang were colleagues of mine. What a small world!